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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Eric S aka "E-Dog's", Debo, Sch. BH, Training for PSA & Sch. Southern California

"E is too blessed humble. If you could see the OB he has on Debo you'd flip! It's da shiznito fo' sho. I could

black market you some footie J/K. I got shotz n' I know he does too. I'll say this..Outta all the dogs I seen on

my last visit besides Wonder Womans(Leri's) dogs, Eric had the tightest OB outta all them. I visited anotha camp

where it's all GSD's and Debo woulda even shown a handful of them what was up!

Even with the helper suited up on the field..the dog has some fo'real CLARITY!

Try n' talk him into it cause not only is the dog VERY well trained.. He's got the most of the fundamental traits

for working LOCKED IN!

I mean Structure, Temp, Nerves, Drives, Character.. and BOND to top it off. The guy really rubs of on his dog.

Don't take that wrong.

FOr as much as E hails up everybody else he RARELY boast his own queso but IMO he's TOP NOTCH all da way." ~MaTi,


Manson Family Bandogs owned by Calvin and Antoine

Kimbo, Sch. BH

Leo, Sch. BH

Leo Sch. BH with Kimbo Sch. BH in the background above, and Leo and Kimbo below.

Max, Sch. BH

Southern Cross Tzu, owned by Ryan Hand, K9PS Australia, 1st place PP Division

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