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Friday, November 04, 2005


Mentally these dogs are the very picture of stability. At times described as having "British" rather than "German" canine temperament. By which it is meant that whilst both should have high stimulus threshold and pack mentality, the British temperament does so without desire to assert rank whereby the German temperament is unflinchingly loyal to its master but affords itself as superior to all others. It is this subtle yet distinct difference that distinguishes breeds such as the Bandog and Bull Mastiff from the Rottweiler. When raised appropriately, this makes them utterly trustworthy with children, often becoming self-appointed custodians. Spirited when at play or work, they are otherwise calm, composed and easy going. Shows no signs of shyness, or needless apprehension. Always demonstrates a high tolerance as well as a quick recovery from stress. Impeccable ability in discerning between general human activities from behavior warranting suspicion or aggression. Possessed of a true 'On'/'Off' switch resultant from surpreme self-confidence making for a highly predicatable and stable dog that has nothing to prove in responsible hands. Strong balance of drives. Pronounced pack and fight drive, strong hunt, prey, and defense drives. Level-headed, responds positively to stress. Switches between drives with little outward physical indication, which can require an expert eye to discern. This balance of drives does not foster the outward manifestation of aggression but should not be taken for granted, as they will respond in kind when threatened, increasing their intensity in almost linear progression until the threat is dealt with. Can prove diffident or rambunctious when young. This behavior can be linked both to the maturation rate of larger breeds, as well as to environment and upbringing. Best developed in the hands of those that understand these differences, rather than those expecting to see similar behavior to that exhibited by traditional working breeds such as the shepherds.

Size: Males 100-125 lbs, Females 85-105 lbs

Todays Uses: The modern Bandog is primarily used as a home/family guardian but it is also the choice of an increasing number of Security agencies as a patrol and crowd control dog. It would make a good candidate for weight pulling and other K-9 sports that require raw physical strength and the eagerness to please their master. The desire of the dog to be with and please it's master coupled with a natural affinity toward exercise suits it to any activity. Furthermore, the very essence of the dog is one of a balance in structure, being free from needless exaggerations, greatly enhancing any dog's chances of leading happy, healthy and active lives as ideal companions.

~Bandog article written in its entirety by Dan Balderson of England and Stelios Sdrolias of Greece

Stelios Sdrolias Bandogs http://www.bandog.gr

Originally posted at http://www.pulldoggies.com/bandog.htm
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